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TRINITY KASTOMS company provides various services in the field of foreign economic activity. Do you need to customs or customs clearance of goods, draw up documents for the supply or to carry out international freight? Then to you to us!

Our company specializes in the export and import of goods of various nomenclature. We offer customs clearance services: a comprehensive service of foreign trade delivery, brokerage services, consulting at all stages of the transaction.

Our services

Risk assessment.

Developing an optimal delivery method.

Registration of participants in foreign economic activity in the customs authorities.

Making the necessary permits for customs clearance.

Development of the most suitable route with the selection of the optimal mode of transport.

Loading and unloading goods.

Registration of necessary certificates and permits for transportation.

Customs clearance, preparation of necessary reports and contracts


Certificates of conformity of the state standard;

Sanitary and hygienic certificates;

Assessment in the centers of expertise of the customs value of the goods;

Technical regulations certificates;

Phytosanitary certificate

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