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customs clearance

Customs clearance of legal entities

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Maintenance of foreign trade activities

In business, time and quality of work done is a valuable resource, delegate tasks to people who know their business.

Preparation and analysis of foreign trade contract

One of the most important stages of shipping goods abroad is the preparation of a foreign economic contract. In the process of drawing up a contract, prices for goods to be imported and exported are fixed, the process of possible recovery of damages, delivery times and much more are discussed. If the contract is professionally prepared, it is much easier to further negotiate it.

Analysis of possible non-tariff regulation measures

Under the measures of non-tariff regulation means the introduction of restrictions on the number or the imposition of prohibitions on the importation or exportation of any particular product in the country of destination or shipment. The application of these measures is quite widespread; therefore, an early analysis of possible non-tariff regulation measures applied in the prospective country of export or import of goods will make it possible to successfully avoid possible problems and financial losses associated with the delivery and customs clearance of goods.

Сustoms clearance of goods

Mandatory declaration of goods involves the provision of necessary information about the goods to customs and regulatory authorities, which may concern the composition of the cargo, its value, information about the country of origin and manufacturer, as well as many other nuances. The maximum difficulty in the procedure of cargo declaration is that a very strict timeframe has been established for the submission of the necessary documents, and besides, there are often changes in the customs legislation that it is almost impossible for a specialist to trace. Therefore, the decision to entrust the procedure of declaring the cargo to the official customs broker “Trinity Customs” will allow to get rid of a large number of possible troubles.

Definition of customs codes

The customs code (or the code of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity) used during customs operations. Correct definition of the code allows you to calculate the duties optimally and accurately, and correctly determine the list of necessary permits for customs clearance. This operation is carried out at the stage of preparing the necessary documents for registration. Our customs broker will help you quickly and correctly determine the customs code.

Preparation of the necessary set of documents for customs clearance

The set of documents required for registration may vary depending on the current legislation and the nature of the goods, but it necessarily includes a foreign trade contract and an invoice (invoice), you may also need to issue licenses / import permits product certificate of origin. We carry out customs clearance in strict accordance with current legislation, which excludes possible surprises when exporting or importing goods as much as possible. Customs broker “Trinity Xatoms” will offer you the most profitable way of processing documents for each specific client.

Assistance in conflict issues and representation of your interests in customs authorities

During clearance, occasional abnormal situations occur, which can be avoided by timely, and better by, timely contacting specialists who maintain reliable contact with customs representatives. Trinity Customs’s many years of experience helps to prevent any conflict situations. Professional customs clearance of goods by the customs broker in Kiev and Kiev region will provide your company with more opportunities and open up new perspectives.

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